Web Hosting Services

As you choose our minimally priced optimal web hosting packages, we will take the end to end responsibility for your website’s up time.

Besides domain registration, web hosting and our reseller packages, Our web developer team is here to impress you with a unique touch. They built their team in order to win, serve and retain Customers.

Flexible team well trained to understand the complexity and communicate solutions. Guaranteed way of an extraordinary customer experience.

Cloud Hosting Services

Powerful OnApp cloud services running on the latest generation blade servers from Hewlett Packard and Dell.  Our blazing fast cloud servers with enterprise grade SSD Storage and ECC RAM waiting for you to have you explore the enterprise classy services.

Our well trained cloud consultants will assist you to choose the right size for our vast needs.

Not only our prices are unbeatable, our promising services within the quickest turnaround time will excite you.

Dedicated Server Services

 We serve both managed and unmanaged servers. Our managed customizable server is designed for medium to high performance websites including eCommerce environments and application servers. Both Windows and RedHat Enterprise servers are fully supported with the promised guaranteed up time.

Intel Xeon Duel, Quad and Octa core 4/8 thread servers in the range of 2.3GHz to 3.3 GHz are ready to serve you. The choice is yours now to choose the server and the size of RAID-1 drives, RAM, Uplink, bandwidth, dedicated IPs etc.

Consultation  services

Our hands-on experienced experts in new technology, have developed a one-of-a-kind framework to bring our customer service excellence to companies which requires extended services support at their affordable cost.

Consultants are ready to be on board in any corner of the world as per your needs. Our unique hiring and on-boarding process provides only the top notch heads within the niche market.

HostCompute Server Types and Hardware

The powerful hardware technology used by HostCompute will definitely surprise You. Absolutely unbeatable powering servers form HP, Dell & IBM, using Intel’s SSDs and Big Switch Networks/CISCO networking switches and technologies. Core new technology of Xeon E5 & E7 series processors are in conjunction with multi-vendor storage environment. Majority of HostCompute data are auto provisioned on EMC SAN. Our backups and offshore record keeping are with Iron Mountain, well maintained for DR purposes.

HostCompute Data Center

Our data center is located near Toronto, Ontario and its close to all the major highways 401, 404 and 407. Data center space is more than 20,000 sq feet of which 12,000 sq feet is colocation space, HostCompute networking with direct dark fiber and it allows user access to most of top carriers through 151 Front Street.



WEB Services


Web Hosting Services

Our web hosting packages range form Kick Start, Plus +, Package Pro to Business Economic. Business Economic package offers unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth meaning unlimited hosting.

Your new hosting plan comes with a free domain or domain transfer depending on the package that you choose. All of our packages come with Free rocket speed content delivering SSDs, which are up to 20 times faster than the traditional HDs.

HostCompute exclusively assist clients choosing the plan that best fits for them. In experience, we know that every websites do have its own demands with their unique touch. As a starting point, our friendly staffs will be available to evaluate your needs based on below requirements,

  • Web Site traffic
  • Streaming Media, Multi-Media, High Data Transfer
  • Email Traffic
  • Dynamic Sites
  • SSL and Security
  • Job Schedules
  • E-Commerce
  • Forums and Communities
  • Data Storage
  • Backup Solutions

Reseller Services

Bin, Din, Tin, Vin plans are all Win-Win deals!

Your customers will remain your customers, but we will help your business grow.

Our reseller packages are reliable, scalable and affordable. All reseller hosting are powered with rocket speedy servers running with SSDs ensuring redundancy and high performance.

Industry leading, powerful and user friendly cPanel control are given to our clients to manage their website(s), and given the primary access to the WHM to create cPanel hosting accounts.

White Labelled Registration Available.

Domain Registration and Transfer

Register your domain with us. We can register all available .com, .org, .net, .biz, .info or .us domain name and can host any existing domain. All domain transfers are at free of charge.

We offer free domain locking and theft protection to protect your domain from accidental transfers without your permission.

Free lifetime DNS service through us. Manage and renew your domain through control panel and use our extended offering to buy more services.

Website Migration

Free of Charge !
Guaranteed transfer with no loss of data, full speed of migration from your previous host. Your website and the end users will not notice the move. Thats how simple it is with us. Engage us when you are ready, and we will make it happen!

Cloud Hosting

Experience the comfort of cloud on HostCompute’s cloud hosting platform. We deliver managed and un managed services. They are all redundant, scalable, robust and flexible cloud platform .

Our Full and Null packages starts at a very competitive price and they are both pay as you grow model. You be paying only for the resources what you use. A shared network of servers configured in a unique way to improve resource efficiency, are available at any scale of expansion for growth.

For our list of services provided, please visit cloud hosting page at http://www.hostcompute.com/cloud-hosting/

Virtual Private Servers

Customizable, Yes, our virtual V100, V200, V300 and V400 packages are fully customizable by any client software. It is a dynamic solution and its up-scalable servers running with SDD and available cPanes & WHM for a full management.

For service details, Please visit our VPS site, http://www.hostcompute.com/vps-hosting/

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers

You are in Power. Customize and configure it the way you need. All our servers are expandable according to all your unique software and particular needs.

You can also boost your server with our additional services. For further details, please visit our Dedicated server site at http://www.hostcompute.com/dedicated-server/

Not yet decided with your choices? We can help you finding the right size for your business. Contact Us.

Server Services


Support Services


HostCompute Support Team

Any technical support related issues, the quickest and the easiest way is to create a service ticket with us. We strictly work within the agreed SLAs. With our super featured ticketing system, there never a chance to miss a ticket.

Our support service includes,

  • System and services reboot and recycle upon request
  • System Monitoring and SAN performance check
  • System Upgrades and Patches
  • Security Checks
  • Server resources maintenance

Additional service for extra charge (Negotiable),

  • Off rotational patches and upgrade upon request
  • DR Test
  • HA failover Test
  • Data Archive

Managed Cloud Services

Managed Services

System monitoring and server support

System Administration

Our system administrators are fully trained to handle end to end services provided by HostCompute Company. Administrators are fully in charge of server monitoring, turning and routine performance check.

Dedicates Resources

Besides our regular system administration, you can hire our dedicated professionals exclusively for your private system services for both cloud and dedicated servers. Our IT Professionals are capable of handling end to end Data Center work to full server support. Depending on the environment our staffs might request for training to adapt to the company culture.

Backup Solutions

Onsite and off shore tape backups

Disaster Recovery Management

Disaster Recovery Management

OS and Custom Software

OS and Custom Software

Special Features

Special Features

FREE Services

FREE Services

IT Service Delivery Team

Our IT Service delivery team also serves IT Project Management, Process Management, talented guideline and service models, outsourcing service delivery, and data center support.

We are currently focused on small/medium sized companies.

In 6 months, starts-ups to successful organizations can taste the fruiting results with our 30-60-180 days planner.

How do we start?  Contact Us for a free consultation.

Web Hosting Acquisition

Web Hosting Acquisition

IT Project and Process Management

24*7 Service Support Available
Supports tickets are handled within the SLA
Consultants are always available to assist
All Account and Domain Transfers are FREE
Knowledge Base wiki and Tutorials Sessions are Available.

Professional Services




SSL Certification

SSL Certification

System Upgrades

System Upgrades

why choose HostCompute as your hosting provider?

why choose HostCompute as your hosting provider?

Reason Behind our Success

Reason Behind our Success

You Win We Win

You Win We Win

Lets Make It Happen !!!!!

Lets Make It Happen !!!!!

Why HostCompute


2016 New Year, Our web development team will be fully ready to design, develop and support at a full functionality level to all new and old clients. All requests will be handled in writing either by email or by creating a support ticket. Once the development process is initiated, you will be assigned to one of our dedicated staff.


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